Actual Information

Lumin'Or GmbH
Am Klingenweg 17
65396 Walluf / Germany
Fon +49 (0) 61 23 - 90 28 60
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UV gels are offered in a great variety. Most suppliers do not produce the gels themselves. Lumin’Or develops and manufactures innovative products themselves. When defining the requirements for our product quality, we take into account that our UV gels are used on human beings, as nailplate, -skin and cuticle are vulnerable. Lumin’Or UV gels are acid free. They have a multifunctional bonding system. The bonding to nail and tip is essentially assured by hydrogen-bridge-bonding.
Lumin’Or gels are permanently shiny and incredibly transparent for wonderfully natural looking nails in esthetic perfection.

Lumin’Or gels are distinguished by

  • easy application
  • good adhesion
  • skin compatibility
  • low heat sensation

These are the guidelines for our working.

Supplemented by

  • competent consultancy
  • excellent training and advisory service

Supported by top specialists in Chemistry and naildesign our products establish a solid base for your success.